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     So Here I am Sunday morning, just had brunch, and when I went to put my dishes away, I dropped my fork on the floor, and instantly said "Company" I don't want company right now!  And no word of a lie the doorbell rings 2 seconds later! Seriously, too bizarre!
     Here are 3  young men(around 11 is my guess) and they are asking me if I would like them to rake my front lawn for $15.  I could not say no  even for an instant.
    Behind the chair as a Hairstylist, on a daily basis I hear"What's wrong with kids today?" or tragic stories about kids, teens etc.  Whether it is something in the media that just happened, or to a friend of a client, or their own  kids it takes it's toll, as I am a Mother myself of two wonderful young men.
     What these guys did, is restore my faith that when I am asked "What's wrong with kid"s today" now I will say "ablsolutely nothing, they are great!", and when they arrive in three (always a good number) they are even better.
     I will share this happenance, and turn that negativity in which we seem to focus on in today"s world, and flip it to a positive.
    Just so you can picture it, they allowed me to take a photo of them.

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Keep in mind I live in the Country, and my front lawn is big.  9 bags later and a job well done, is what these guys are about.
There "Future is so bright, they gotta wear shades"
Very cool Sunday Morning
Of course I tipped them, what were you thinking!

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