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The Team at thecoolredroom wish you a COOL Christmas with tons of warmth in your heart over the Holiday Season.  Family, Friends and the gift of giving are what truly warm our hearts at this time of year.
Every day in our wonderful Hair Space we share this with our amazing clientelle.   At the end of the day, I cannot help but  feel truly fortunate to be a Hairstylist.   To have the ability to make others feel good by doing up great hair for them, and to lift their spirits by doing so, is to Myself, and my Teamates, so fulfilling.
There are so many ways at this time of year to give to others, and it is infectious once you start!  Just do it, whatever you can to help others in need, and feel the joy it brings to your spirit.  Top that off with a great look, and there is no doubt, Santa will not forget you on Christmas Day!
Thank You to all  of the beautiful heads of hair  and special individuals  who have been part of thecoolredroom Hair Space.  You are very valuable and appreciated.
We wish you a Joyful, Happy Holiday Season from thecoolredroom Hair Space!!